The Rush of Phenomena

Every day is filled with a tide of phenomena. Media and technology only make this flow more abrasive. There isn’t a unity to the flood; it breeds hopelessness. For the antidote to misery is always the unity of the transcendentals: goodness, beauty, and truth. These are eternal, but not in the sense that they are static and lifeless, but in the sense that they have solidity of  being. Unlike all the changing stuff around us, they impart meaning and give us a sense of the whole, instead of the thoughtless... Read The Rest →


I am convinced that philosophy and theology cannot be done well without an enduring sense of wonder, but I do not know what wonder is.  What is wonder? It will perhaps be helpful to consider undisputed cases wherein wonder is operative. The first case is when the man stands before a great misty mountain and has this sense, this experience. This experience we term wonder. The second case is when a man enters into a great dimly lit Cathedral. In response to both cases, our alleged man has a sense... Read The Rest →

The Concrete Warehouse Church and Its Opposite

It has been far too long, my dearest God and Pen reader. Hopefully this drought of post and good witted humor will be replaced with a torrential hurricane of post and humor, though I can’t promise too much of either. I was awoken from my blogosphere slumber by Facebook. That is not usually the thing that wakes people up, but alas, you all ought to know by now that “usual” is not worth much around “here.” Facebook tends to turn folks into drooling monsters, jumping around flailing their computers, and... Read The Rest →

Atheism Is Not A Lack of Belief: Followup

I received quite a bit of denunciations for my recent dialogue between the imaginary Atheist (let’s call him Carlo) and myself. One too many straw-men apparently came from my pen. The problem is that I don’t ever recall big bundles of straw beings crawling out of the nib of my pen or my lips, though perhaps I was sleeping when they did. That may not be what they meant. It was claimed that I misrepresented someone. I can’t say I misrepresented Carlo; I would be surely mad if so, and... Read The Rest →

Atheism Is Not the Lack of a Belief/Claim

(1)Atheism is not a claim; it is the lack of a claim––the lack of belief in Theism. We’ve heard that one many times. At least, I have. What follows below will be a dialogue between myself and an imaginary atheist who thinks (1) is the way to go about handling Theism. A. Atheism is not a claim and so it shoulders no burden of proof. It is the lack of the belief in Theism. B. So it is a lack of a claim, and thus not a claim, yes? A.... Read The Rest →

Teleology and the Multiverse, Part 1


Multiverse theory is quickly becoming a popularly accepted idea among many mainstream cosmologists. It is the hope of the naturalist that this theory will once and for all eradicate any vestige of design that may manifest itself in a standard universe model. Many teleologists and apologists are inclined to reject the multiverse theory all together due to the apparent devastating implications of a multiverse on design arguments. I, however, believe that there may be some scientific grounds for believing in a multiverse, and rejecting an idea because you dislike its... Read The Rest →

On the Ontological Status of the Big Bang Singularity


Quentin Smith is not persuaded by this line. He argues by way of a reductio that interpreting the ICS as equivalent to nothing entails (1) the denial of the truth of the Special and General Theory of Relativity, which represents spacetime as a continuum of instantaneous spatial points. Even further, if the ICS, Smith argues, were equivalent with nothing, then (2) the entire spacetime continuum would too be equivalent with nothing, and this is prima facie false. STR and GTR represent events as instantaneous spatial points having zero spatial and... Read The Rest →

Principles of Sufficient Reason

I am sure most readers are familiar with the fact that there is a category of arguments for the existence of God that all go roughly like this:  For every fact, there is an explanation of that fact.  The physical world does not explain itself. Therefore, there is an explanation for the facts of the physical world that can’t be found in the physical world. From (3), the argument continues that said explanation can only be found in the god of classical theism. (2) is easily established, but the “how”... Read The Rest →

Common Objections to Kalam Part 7: Singularities and Infinities


Finally here I am breaking the silence of months with yet another Common Objection to Kalam. I’ve heard this objection explicated most often by the youtube Atheist community (a very vibrant community, to be kind). In all of his written works on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, William Lane Craig defends the second premise (i.e. the universe began to exist) philosophically by arguing for the absurdity (read: impossibility) of the existence of an actual infinite. And following this he defends the second premise by way of empirical confirmation utilizing Big Bang cosmology and... Read The Rest →

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