Bedside Reading: Week 1

I’ve been plotting ways that I might make this blog more active, and lately I’ve been doing some bedside reading. This means that I’ve been reading before I go to sleep (or stare at my eyelids for those who don’t do much of the former), and what better way to increase posting than to have a review and recommendation of a bedside book weekly? In these sorts of posts I would like to review the book that I read the week prior, and then end by saying which book I’ll... Read The Rest →

Decision Making as a Defeater to Kalam: A Response

The existence of decision making seems to imply some change, and thus temporality. How can God decide to create explanatorily prior to the existence of time? First we must answer what it means to decide, and what about it implies temporality. It seems to me that decision making involves the selection of an action from a collection of possible actions.[1] If a decision involves a change of mental states, then temporality is implied by it. Below I will attempt to construct the argument against the Kalam Cosmological Argument that decision making does imply temporality, and thus, it is concluded that God’s did not timelessly decide to bring about some thing x (the universe).


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