On the Ontological Status of the Big Bang Singularity


Quentin Smith is not persuaded by this line. He argues by way of a reductio that interpreting the ICS as equivalent to nothing entails (1) the denial of the truth of the Special and General Theory of Relativity, which represents spacetime as a continuum of instantaneous spatial points. Even further, if the ICS, Smith argues, were equivalent with nothing, then (2) the entire spacetime continuum would too be equivalent with nothing, and this is prima facie false. STR and GTR represent events as instantaneous spatial points having zero spatial and... Read The Rest →

Common Objections to Kalam Part 7: Singularities and Infinities


Finally here I am breaking the silence of months with yet another Common Objection to Kalam. I’ve heard this objection explicated most often by the youtube Atheist community (a very vibrant community, to be kind). In all of his written works on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, William Lane Craig defends the second premise (i.e. the universe began to exist) philosophically by arguing for the absurdity (read: impossibility) of the existence of an actual infinite. And following this he defends the second premise by way of empirical confirmation utilizing Big Bang cosmology and... Read The Rest →

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