God and Pen began its life as a lackluster attempt to blog about the philosophy of religion in general, and Christian philosophy in particular. At the time, our small band was composed of a few bright folks and me (not quite as bright), but we never managed to acquire the right formula. Our heart wasn’t in it. So the blog lived a half life, and then died.

I’ve felt guilty about this, and often wondered, “How might I resurrect the dead God and Pen?” I know the readership must have been molecular, comprised of the writers’ mums and girlfriends, but the idea of the blog mattered to me. We had a vision, you see, and I hate to see a good vision die. So that’s why I’m writing this: I want to resurrect the blog.

My vision is to write with a lower standard of quality. And the perspective has changed – or rather developed. During the period of my absence, I was drawn into the Orthodox Church. It has influenced my understanding of God, the world, epistemology, anthropology – everything! As this perspective is not represented well enough within the blogosphere, I will make a meager attempt at increasing its representation.

I hope this time God and Pen remains alive.

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